Wide Format Printing

Wide (Large) Format Photographic Quality Prints & Signs. Very fast high quality machines can print onto materials to suit environments both inside and out. Our state-of-the-art equipment will not only print photographic quality Full Colour Posters, but also Banners metre after metre long. This makes them ideal for displays for all types of locations from shopping centres and hotel/motels to exhibition and seminar centres.

We print on a choice of materials from various paper types, canvas, film, adhesive materials to vinyl and even tear resistant synthetics safe for outside. A fully encapsulated laminating service is available also.

Printing photographic quality Full colour is not just confined to posters, but also to signs and displays. We specialise in supplying images suitable for illumination or glass mounting and also in situations where perhaps an adhesive vinyl sign is best. Each situation is specific, so please email or call for more information and to discuss your options and requirements.